Senior Pastor Rev. Bernie G. Garcia

Pastor´s Notes

Words of Life for September 2017

98 † How the moon can, billions of miles off the earth, can still control the tide. Tell me how that in this galaxy that we live in, how could the moon have any effect upon the water on the earth? Scientifically, tell me how it's done. It could not be done, because there is no scientific way of telling it. But God set the moon to watch the sea. And when the moon begins to turn its back, when the earth turns away, here comes the tide in. But when he wakes up, the next morning, looks back this a way, the tide runs back to its place again. It's a watchman. "Oh," you say, "that's just on the seashore." No.
99 That's right up here in Arizona, plumb back over in the state of Kentucky, wherever you dig a hole down in the ground far enough to find salt water. You'll find out, when that tide goes out, that salt water goes down in the pipe. And when the tide comes in, it also raises, hundreds of miles from the seashore.
100 We could preach a sermon on that. How that God, no matter, He is in Glory but His orders there is just the same effect on the whole world and anybody that takes the promise. His order is given. He has laws of nature, and--and they--they will absolutely carry themself true, from Pentecost or any other time. Any time that God made the promise, He will still stay with that promise regardless of where the people is at, how many thousands of years off. His laws ever remain the same.
101 † How the seed falls into the ground, and it rots, and to bring forth life again. Looks like, if it was ever going to bring forth life, it'd be when it's in its perfect shape. If life was ever in it, then why wouldn't it just come forth? Put it in the ground, the life spring forth. Why does all that's around that life, all that's around that germ that no man can find, how is it that everything material around that germ has to die? So it can spring forth in a new life. But everything around it must also die and rot, before it can spring forth life.
102 † So is it with an individual. As long as there is any human injections, human ideas, then God's germ of life, the Holy Spirit, cannot work. You cannot be healed as long as there is just a--a fraction somewhere, that it's not rotten yet; it's got all the human elements, all the scientific ideas, all the "days of miracles is passed," so-called. All that has to, all, not only die, but rot, then from there grows the germ of Life unto a new life. That's the only way it can grow.
103 That's the reason we don't get what we ask for. We try to take, with us, so much of our own ideas.
104 That's the reason the Lutheran church couldn't advance no farther than it did, the Pentecostals and the rest; 'cause they inject, by a bunch of theologians, "This oughtn't to be this way. This is for another day. And This was for that." There it stays. It cannot grow to that perfect image of Christ until every Word of God is received into you, and then you become that Word. It's like the seed that went in the ground.

“A Paradox” ……William Marrion Branham……. 1965-0117 ……… Phoenix, AZ

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