Senior Pastor Rev. Bernie G. Garcia

Pastor´s Notes

Words of Life for September 2016

364 † Every seed must come after its kind. "God made man in His image, after His kind," to be His Word on earth . He expressed It in Jesus Christ. What was? God was in Christ. That's a Man after His kind. See? When God, which is the Word... How many knows He's the Word? When the Word was in Christ, a Man, human Man, expressing Itself through Him, that was God, the Word, in Christ, expressing Itself.

365 "And God, in the beginning, made man in His Own image." And that's the kind of man that God makes today . The seminary and the incubator hatchery turns out a bunch of hybrids, see, the schools. But when God calls a man, he's in His Own image, the Word made alive in him . That's right. There he is. That's God's man, man in His Own image, in His very likeness. And Jesus said, that, "He'll do the works that I do."

366 † So, "God made man in His Own image, after His kind." His kind! What is His kind? The Word . He is the Word. Then if a man denies God's Word, how can he be in God's image? Just ask the question. Ask yourself . How can you be in God's image and deny God's Word, when the Word is expressed image of Himself?
"Oh," he says, "It doesn't mean That."

367 The expressed image of God say, "Oh, I said It, but I didn't really mean It. I--I was wrong there. I--I back up. That was for some other time. I didn't mean It"? Oh, mercy! Trash, slop of the Devil, that he fed to Eve. Don't let him try to poke it down the Elected neck, though. No, sir. They won't believe that. "Just come join with our gang." Join nothing!

368 † You got to be born, not joined; a new creature, yes, in His Own image, of His kind, to be--to be His expressed Word on earth. Now, Jesus was God's expressed Word. Do you believe that? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Then what are we to be? Sons of God, too, with the expressed Word in the Church, carrying on. That's the mystical Body of Christ, carrying on the same works that Jesus did when He was here on earth . See? That's the kind after His kind.

369 Now, you can have the Lutheran kind after the Lutheran, the Methodist kind after the Methodist, the Catholic kind after the Catholic, the Pentecostal kind after its kind, the Oneness after its, the Trinity after its.

370 † But if you're God's kind, that's different, see, you're the expressed image of the Word making Itself manifest . Oh, my! Why, it's got to. If the water falls on It, It's got to do it . Then, then give him a Birth, a type, and he... after... God made man in His Own image. I--I just don't think I got time for this next expression. It's a dandy. But I--I don't want... All God's Words are dandy, see. And look here where I was supposed to be, at--at dinner time. I'm just about that far away from it, about one-sixth of it. Hum. All right. Can I... Let's just leave it there. What do you say? And then we... Yeah. How many can come back this afternoon? Raise your hand. Yeah. Yeah. Good. I don't want to keep you too long. I'll--I'll just... I don't want to wear you out. And now I'll... Now, you tape boys just leave the tapes run just a minute, and I'll--I'll cut this off just in a minute, myself. All right, sir. Now we...

“The Spoken Word Is The Original Seed 1” ……William Marrion Branham……. 1962-0318 ……… Jeffersonville, IN

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