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Pastor´s Notes

Words of Life for September 2015

60 † And so an army, first, in getting ready for a battle, first there's got to be a select, some soldiers. They've got to be dressed for fighting. They've got to be trained for fighting. 61 And I believe that the greatest battle that was ever fought, is now ready to go in action. I believe that God has been selecting His soldiers. I believe He's been dressing them, training them. And the battle front is now set, getting ready to start.

62 † This great, first battle that was ever fought, begin in Heaven, when Michael and His Angels fought against Lucifer and his angels. It first started, the first battle was in Heaven. So, sin did not originate on earth, it originated in Heaven.

63 And then it was thrown down from Heaven, cast out of Heaven, to the earth, and fell on human beings. Then the battle, from angels, become human battles. And Satan come to destroy God's creation, what God had created to be for Hisself. He had, Satan, come to destroy this. That's what his purpose was, was to destroy it. Then the battle begin here on earth, and begin in us, and has been raging ever since.

64 † Now, before any battle can be put in array, they first have to choose a meeting ground, or a place where the battle is to be fought, a selected place.

65 In the First World War, it was so placed, a no-man's-land and places where they fought. And they've got to be a place selected.

66 Like when Israel went to war with the Philistines, there was a--a--a hill on each side where they gathered. And that's where Goliath come out and called to the armies of Israel. That's where David met him, in the valley, when he passed over the little creek that run between the two hills, he picked up the rocks.

67 † There has to be a place selected. And in this, there's a--a mutual ground, no-man's-land, and they fight here at this place. They just don't, one fight over here, and one down here, and one run over here. There's a battle front where they meet and test their powers, where each army tests its strength against the other army, a mutual meeting place. Now, don't (get) miss this.

68 When this great battle started on earth, there had to be a mutual meeting place. There had to be a place selected for the battle to begin, and for the battle to rage. And that battlegrounds begin in the human mind. There is where the battle starts. The human mind was chosen for the place of the battle, where it was begin, and that is because that decisions are made from the mind, the head. Now, they never started it from some organization. They never started it from some mechanical affair. The grounds never started there. Therefore, that organization can never, never do the work of God, because the battlegrounds, where you've got to meet your enemy, is in the mind. You've got to make your choice. It meets you.

69 I want this little girl here, that's very sick, to be sure to listen now to this, real closely.

70 † Decisions are made in the mind, the head. There is where Satan meets you, and the decisions are, because that God made a man that way.

71 † Now, I have (if you was looking on my note here) a little map drawed out. I had it here not long ago, on... used on the board. The human being is made up just like a grain of wheat. It's a seed. And the human being is a seed. Physically, you're the seed of your father and mother; and the life come from the father, the pulp come from the mother. So, the two, together, the egg and the--the blood, comes together. And in the blood cell is life. And in there it begins, develop, making the--the child. Now, any seed has a shell on the outside; the inside is pulp; and inside of the pulp is the germ of life. Well, that's the way we're made. We are body, soul, and spirit. The outside, the body, the shell; the inside of that, the conscience and so forth, is the soul; and the inside the soul, is a spirit. And the spirit governs all the other.

72 † Now, if you'll sit down when you get home, and draw three little rings. You'll find out that the outside body has five senses it's contacted by, and that is see, taste, feel, smell, hear. That's the five senses that control the human body.

73 Inside of the body is a soul, and that soul is controlled by imaginations, conscience, memory, reasons, and affections. That's the thing that controls the soul.

74 But, the spirit is, only has one sense. The spirit... Oh, let's get it. The spirit has one sense, and that sense is, either dominates it, is faith or doubt. That's exactly. And there's only one avenue to it, that's free moral agency. You can accept doubt or you can accept faith, either one you want to work on. Therefore, Satan begin at the principal part, to cause the spirit of man to doubt God's Word. God begin at the principal part, to lay His Word in that spirit. There you are. That's what does it.

75 † If this church, right now could be put together, and knitted together with such that every person would be in one accord, with not one shadow of doubt anywhere, there would not be a feeble person in our midst, in another five minutes. There would not be nobody here desiring the Holy Ghost but what would receive It, if you could just get that certain thing fixed.

“The Greatest Battle Ever Fought” ……William Marrion Branham…….1962-0311 ……… Jeffersonville, IN

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