Senior Pastor Rev. Bernie G. Garcia

Pastor´s Notes

Words of Life for August 2018

175 † I don't want to call them a fool, because the Bible said... the fool, not right. Jesus said it isn't. "Don't call no man a fool." But in Psalms 14:1, "The fool said in his heart, 'There is no God.'" See? They, they're not. I don't want to call them fools, but they act like they are. They act like it.

176 So, you see where we're at today, like there is no God. "I belong to church! And all the whole thing, the Bible, is a big joke. Our church knows where they're going!" Yeah, right straight to hell. And exactly right on their road, right down through science and education, theological seminaries and things, just breezing them right down the road. The Holy Spirit doesn't have a chance to give a revelation on nothing; the seminary has done got it cut out.

177 The Holy Spirit is to lead us; not a seminary, not bishops and overseers, and so forth. The Holy Ghost is our Leader.

178 † Cain was such a person as that. He was very religious in deed. Now, if religion is all that you have to have, then God was unjust by condemning Cain. Because, he was religious, he was just as religious and sincere as Abel was. Now remember, he thought of God, he worshiped God, he had a church, he built an altar, he made a sacrifice, he prayed, he worshiped, but he was rejected. No matter how... Esau was, also. See?

179 Religion, see, that is Satan's business; not to kill the whole thing, but just contaminate it. That's all. He ain't going to kill the whole thing. Oh, not communists; no, no, the antichrist is not communism. The Bible said, "It would deceive the Elected if it was possible." Don't notice the iron curtain, but the purple one. Uh-huh.

180 † But, notice, Cain come to worship, but he had the wrong seed in him, serpent's seed. The hiss of the serpent had hissed over him, for he was the seed of the woman. He knew the perfect will of God, but he refused to do it. Did you know that? Satan knows the will of God, but just refuses to do it.

181 Notice, he had seen God vindicate Abel's message. Now I want you to think, use your thinking man's Filter now for a minute. Abel's correct message, that God vindicated to be the Truth! Are you drawing now? Uh-huh. Abel's message had been received, and Cain saw it and knowed that God had vindicated that message right. But he just couldn't do it. His pride kept him from it. That's right, his pride kept him from doing it. He seen God vindicate the message.

182 † So it seems to be now, so hard for people to humble themselves to the Word of God. They, they just don't want to do it. They'll humble themselves to the creed of the church, sure, but not to the Word of God.

183 If you want to find this, you go to... I got a Scriptures here, that's what I'm referring to here. Genesis 4:6 and 7, God said to Cain, said, "Why are your countenance fallen? Why are you all full of temper, walking around? You just heard a message that upset you." Said, "Well, what are you doing that for? Why are your countenances fell, because I didn't come into your church? So why did you do it?" Are you using a thinking man's Filter? See?

184 Or, "Why didn't... Why you looking like that?" Said, "If you'll do well, go do like your brother is doing out there, I'll receive you and bless you. I'll do for you the same thing." But he just couldn't do it. He said, "Now, if you don't, sin of unbelief lieth at the door."

185 † Now when they tell us, "The days of miracles has passed." And they see it so perfectly vindicated and proved, you see, all these things that God promised He would do in the last days, of Revelation 10 and Malachi 4, all those things so perfectly vindicated. What's the matter, brethren? What's wrong, see?

186 If they don't; unbelief, which is sin. There is only one sin, that's, unbelief. That's right. You're not condemned because you drink, smoke, chew, wear shorts, do whatever you do. No, that don't condemn you. It's because you don't believe. If you believed, you won't do that. See? A believer doesn't do that. He takes a thinking man's Filter, see, see, or a thinking woman's Filter, either one. All right. But, you see, sin lieth at the door.

187 † Now notice what that done to Cain, and it's going to do the same today. It made Cain go away, a willful sinner. He willfully was disobedient. Every person will be the same way. Willfully disobedient after he had seen Abel's message so vindicated of God, that it was the truth, and refused to do it. Done the same then. Then he crossed the dividing line.

“God's Power To Transform” ……William Marrion Branham……. 1965-0911 ……… Phoenix AZ

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