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Pastor´s Notes

Words of Life for August 2016

250 † Now, now, I want, just for the squeezing down part, before we leave in the next few minutes. Now, the seal of God is the "Holy Spirit." All know that, don't you? All right, we all know that, that the seal of God is the Holy Spirit. Now that's found... You take Revelation 9--9:1 to 4, you'll find that they all had the seal in their forehead . First Corinthians 1:22, Paul said, "Whereby He has sealed us by His Holy Spirit until the day... " Ephesians 4:30, says, "Grieve not the Holy Spirit," that's that Angel that come forth sealing upon their forehead . Now, that doesn't mean you... He takes and puts a spot up there; your forehead is your revelation , see, and your hand is the thing you do about it. See, it's a spiritual mark . See? He don't take a big stamp and stamp you like that. Oh, no.

251 † Like here a few years ago they said, when the N.R.A. come out, it was this, that or... Don't look for that, it's already. The Bible said it begin plumb back there, it's about run out now. See? That's right.
But He marked the Sealed. See? Now, how was the--how was the first seal, what did it look like? They were filled with the Holy Ghost, that's right, and their works was the works of Christ. They laid hands on the sick and they recovered, they done all kinds of signs and miracles and wonder. And in their forehead, was sealed by the revelation that He was the Son of God , and they were--they were working with Him (the--the Deity of Christ), there's the mark.

253 † You say, "Well, now, He's the third person, or the second per-... " You ain't got no seal yet, so just--just leave It alone. See, you done out, done off the paper there, so then there's no such a thing as that in the Bible. "We bless... We believe in the holy trinity." You're way... You're not even over on the paper now, see, 'cause there's no such a thing as trinity ever mentioned in the Bible. Find the word trinity in the Bible and come.

254 † []...?... in the Son, called the sonship; now He's in you, the baptism of the Holy Ghost; the same God. The Holy Ghost was the Father of Jesus Christ. "A little while and the world won't see Me no more," said Jesus, "I come from God, and I go back to God (the Holy Spirit again). And I'll be with you, even in you, to the end (at the consummation). Through all the way down, I'll be right on through you right like that where... And the very works that I do shall you do also. The things that I been doing will be right along, that'll be the sign of the believer all the way. Go and preach, and baptize them in the Name of the Lord Jesus, and they'd be filled with My Spirit; and if they are, these signs will follow them that believe, to the end of the world. I'm with you always, even to the end of the world." He was received up into Glory. That's it, and we're expecting Him to come someday.

255 † Now, that's the seal of God, we know that.And remember, there's only one hundred and forty-four thousand of the Jews sealed, which was the remnant of the Jews left over. But in this, in the Gentile Bride, in the Gentile Bride, there was tens of thousands times thousands, of those that's sealed in there, 'cause that's them martyrs and things that come down through the ages there; they'll rise in the day of the judgment.
What do you think will happen when that brassy judgment feet stands there at that day and them martyrs stand up there before them Romans (perhaps Nicolaitanes back there that had them burnt to stakes and throwed to lions' dens and things like that), and they stand there as their attorney in the ju-... in the jury box here? And the Judge sitting there on the seat, "Did you preach the Gospel to them?" "I sealed my life away yonder in a lion's mouth for them." Ooh, brother! Talk about "depart from Me," hell will be too good for them! That's exactly right.

259 † "Hold fast. I know them which call themselves... (Nicolaitanes), and call themselves 'Spirit-filled' and they're not." There, see, there you are. Oh! What a hour is coming, what a dreadful time . God will revenge! "I will revenge," saith the Lord, "I will recompense!" And every evil deed will see a just... Everything that you ever done or thought in your life will be held against you there, on that great magnetics thing with every evil thought that passed through your mind. Repent, children!
There's only one way to get away from it, come into Christ, and when you go into His lovely five-wounded side there, the five precious wounds in His body, when you see that bleeding yonder and will hide in that, say, "Rock of Ages, I am no good. Hide me over, Rock of Ages." Feel the precious Holy Spirit, just die out and sail into the body of Christ; rise, to wake to new things, it's a new world around you. The sins that you once loved is behind you. Oh, there's nothing future, nothing present, death, nothing else will ever separate you from That. You're sealed until the day of your redemption, by the Holy Spirit. You got the revelation of Who He is. You know in your heart you've passed from death unto Life.

261 † Watch your works with your hands then , you see. You no more steal, you no more do evil. Your hands are clean from all blood. And you stand, preach the Gospel, say what's right, and live what's right, and do what's right, and the Holy Spirit with you showing signs and wonders every day; God letting you know how, "You're my blessed child and I'm with you, I--I'm right with you. No matter where you're at, I'm with you. I'll go with you through the dark hours and everywhere." Oh, what a--what a Anchor!

“The Ten Virgins And The Hundred And Forty Four Thousand Jews” ……William Marrion Branham……. 1960-1211M ……… Jeffersonville, IN

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