Senior Pastor Rev. Bernie G. Garcia

Pastor´s Notes

Words of Life for July 2017

58 † Now this great Creator had placed His created son. Now, Adam was His first created son. Jesus was His only begotten Son, see, He was begotten by a woman. But Adam was right straight from the hand of God, in the creation.
59 Now the headquarters, with His--His son and His son's bride over all, it looked so perfect. There was a--a man, the head of all of it, His Own son and His bride.
60 And every seed was perfect, the palms, and the oaks, and the grass, and the birds, and the animals. And everything was in perfect order with the Commandment of God, "Don't change your nature. Bring forth of its kind, every seed! Oak, don't you never be perverted into a pawpaw tree." See? "Palm, don't you be perverted into something else. But every seed after his kind!" And He had--He had watched it through the times.
61 † And He had spoke the Word. And His great creating Power had formed these things that come up, and even the man and the woman. And they were the head because they were the... they were super to all the other races. And He put them also under a care of the same thing that He put trees, animals, and so forth: His Word. They must not never, by no means, break that Word. They must stay There. "Don't never take anything from It, or add anything to It! You must live by this Word."
62 And as long as that creation would have existed like that, Sister Shakarian wouldn't have had to have went this morning, as long as it would have stayed like that, God's great economy! It's what we believe that we are headed back to. We are going back to that spot, that place.
63 Where that seventh morning, when God looked upon it all, and He said, "It's good. I--I am pleased with it. Yeah, I--I--I am glad I did it. And it's all now under control. And I have put trust in My son and in his wife, that--that they will; make them head of all of it, that they will watch over it all and see that it's all right, that everything will bring forth of its kind. Now he has the power to do that." God then said, "Well, if it's all so good, and it can't be anything else, because it's My Own desire. It's the way I want it. And I have spoke it that way, and My Words has brought it just exactly the way I wanted it. And there it is. It's all good!" So the Bible said, "God rested the seventh day, from all His works."
64 † And everything under control, to bring forth of its kind. Now remember, "to bring." When He put the seed in the earth, the seed can only come forth with the power of life within it, to transform it from a seed to a plant, or whatever it was. His transforming power! Now, God put the seed in there, with potentials that it would be what He said it would be. And as long as it stayed in its right category, it would be just exactly what God said it would be. It had to be that way, because He had made it that way, and made a channel. That, anything that stays in His channel, in His line of Word, it will have to bring forth exactly like His Word said it would do. It cannot move from there. It's channeled just exactly right. So, with everything in the trust in His Own son, that it would be that way, then God said, "It's all good, so I'll just rest. And each one of those seeds has power in itself, to transform itself into the specie that I desire it to be. That's what it must be, because I have given every seed transforming power, to make out of itself, in its potentials now to make out of itself exactly what I want it to be. "
65 God has never changed. Just the same today as He was then! God is determined to do something. He'll do it. Nothing is going to stop Him. He'll do it!

“God's Power To Transform” ……William Marrion Branham……. 1965-0911 ……… Phoenix AZ

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