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Pastor´s Notes

Words of Life for July 2016

60 † But, God, at the beginning, gave His children the atomic weapon, because He's the infinite God. Now, seeing there was going to be a conflict, and there was going to be a battle, God equipped His children with the right kind of ammunition, right kind of an attack, the right kind of everything that they had need of, that would sweep them all the way from Eden to the Rapture. What was it? The Word . The Word. That's what defeats Satan, is the Word. It'll defeat him anywhere, any place . Now, why do we want to substitute something else, when we've already got the best thing that there is , the Word?

61 And we find Jesus on earth, just to prove this was the best equipment, when Satan come in hand-to-hand combat with Jesus, He never just reached over with His Power and tied his hands. He just took the same weapon that God gave in the garden of Eden, His Word, and said, "It's written... It's written..." And He punched him right out of the ring, with It, that's right, because It's God's best .

62 † And look where it is. It's not just for one or two, in a church. It's for every one of us . Every believer has a right to take this Word and fight the enemy anywhere you meet him. Anywhere you meet the enemy, this Word is what you have to use . And Jesus proved it when He come. So He equipped His children with the Word, for their protection against the enemy . When the all-out warfare comes, and the battles, and set in array, then there's only one thing a real soldier can use, a real Christian soldier, that's THUS SAITH THE LORD. Walk right out there and meet the enemy, with the assurance that nothing... "Thousand may fall at your right, and ten thousand at the left, but it won't come nigh thee." Just remember that God made this statement, and give This to His children, and It's the best that's ever been yet.

63 † Satan, in Eden, when he first come to these attack, to attack a person, knowing the children of God was fortified with this Word, Satan attacked the Word . See? He never attacked the being . He attacked the Word, first .

64 Look at that sneaker, lizard, what he does today. The first thing, he can't lay it on, say, "Well, that's not a good person." That's a good person. See? But the only thing he tries to do, no matter how good the person is, is to get them to deny that Word . That's just only thing he wants to do, get you to deny that Word .

65 So Satan tried to--to attack the Word, in the garden of Eden. So he had to have something now that he could use, to--to the human being, would look better than that Word. See? He had to have something that would look better, to the human being, than Word . And do you know what he used? Reasoning, just what we'd say, "common sense." See? So that's what he used, and he succeeded , so that's what he's used, all along .

66 † But God can't give nothing else but His Word, because that's what He chose first . And when God makes a decision, has to ever remain that way.

67 And Satan took reasonings, and took the reasonings and attacked the Word, and shook Eve off the path, that's right, by reasonings, human reasoning.

68 Now, the only way that he, she could have got to disbelieve God's Word, it had to be appealing. And Satan knows how to make reasonings appealing. It has to appeal to you. And sin is very appealing. And there's only one sin, and that's unbelief . So it's really appealing. Satan makes sin so appealing to you!

69 † Just stopping here for a few minutes. I've often thought, as a young man, and read about different nations, and the morals of the country. And I heard different people tell me about especially down in France, down in the place called Pigalle, and how that the--the people was so immoral. Well, I thought, "If I ever go in there, I'll see them people down there, women coming out, you know, reprobates, with such a old haggy look, you know, and mean." And--and I went down in Pigalle, the first night, me and three more ministers. Brother, what a surprise we got! Now, Satan is too smart for that. He isn't going to produce something like that. But some of the prettiest girls I ever seen in my life was there, appealing. Certainly.

70 Sin is appealing and attractive. Satan hasn't got a forked hooves, and a--and a--and a pointed tail, and--and like that. He isn't old John Barleycorn out, with coat hanging up, and--and ears hanging down. He's a slicker, appealing. Sin isn't just rude, like you think it is. It's very appealing. Therefore, we have to watch it close.

“The Conflict Between God And Satan” ……William Marrion Branham……. 1962-0531 ……… Clarksville, IN

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