Senior Pastor Rev. Bernie G. Garcia

Pastor´s Notes

Words of Life for June 2018

E-50 † The devil's nothing but a bluff…
E-49 † Night after night, standing on the platform before the gross thousands of people around the world, critics setting there saying, "It's this, that, and the other," witch doctors standing there trying to throw spells on you, challenge you to a duels and things like that, never one time, I say by the grace of God, has one speck of fear ever hit my heart. Not one time. Why? He said He would take care of me, and I believe Him. That's why. If I'd get scared, I'd run.
But I tell you, when Jesus Christ anoints you, you're not made out of running material. That's all. Not the rock of Gibraltar but the Rock of Ages... You climb up on the Rock of Ages; that's God's Word, and take your position there and stand while the gates of hell is a battling against it, with this perfect assurance: That He Who promised it not fail, will never fail. Amen. That's faith. That's when you're not scared.

E-50 † The devil's nothing but a bluff anyhow, snorting, and blowing, all thunder and no lightning. But I tell you, brother, the lightning power of the resurrected Jesus Christ puts a reality there that shocks the soul from a dead slumber of these earthly bound things into the immortal realms to believe God, and take Him at His Word, and call those things which are not, as though they were. Amen.
Redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb, called out, set aside, a Church, bought, and washed, and ironed out, without spot or wrinkle, that's what He's coming for. God help us to get our faith in the right place tonight, move out on the battle grounds there and say, "Satan, you are a liar. Jesus Christ died to make me free, and It's mine. Get out of here."
You went to your home tonight, you legitimate people, and there's a bunch of drunks in there kicking around, and carrying around, smoking, drinking, cursing, and living immorally, you'd say, "Hey, get out of here. This is my house."
He'd say, "I'm a human being. This was built for human beings, and I got a right here."
You'd say, "This is my house. I have an abstract deed that proves this is my property." Then if you show him the deed, and he will not move then, there is a law down here that will make him move.

E-51 † And if that devil that come to you tonight tried to send you to a premature grave, tried to cripple you up, read God's abstract deed, by His stripes we were healed. And if he don't want to believe that, there's a Holy Ghost here, the law of God that'll kick him out, that'll prove it. Just ring up Jesus, Central, J-E-S-U-S. Find out if something don't take place. The Angels of God will take their positions, and that devil will get out. You can stand there on your toes and say, "Yes, sir. It's the truth." Amen. Not up here, or down here, you've read your title clear. You know what it is.
Oh, my. Feel like taking wings sometime and fly away, don't you, when you think of that? Lift me up above the shadows, give me fellowship divine. Yes, sir. Stand up in there where all things are possible.

“The Power Of The Devil ” ……William Marrion Branham……. 1955-1005 ……… CHICAGO, IL

E-21 † I can remember 1933, August the 16th at two o'clock in the afternoon-- I mean June the 16th at two o'clock in the afternoon. I'd just recently been ordained a Missionary Baptist minister, and holding my first revival where three thousand something people attended. And then, that afternoon, I was baptizing five hundred converts at the--the river's bank at the foot of Spring Street at Jeffersonville, Indiana, where I lived. And the newspaper photographers was out, and many of the church people; there was around seven or eight thousand people on the bank.
And I walked out into the water, and they... The choir was singing that great old song of the church:
On Jordan's stormy banks I stand,
And cast a wishful eye,
To Canaan's fair and happy land,
Where my possession lie.

E-22 † About the seventeenth or eighteenth person... The deacons and trustees that leading out into the water, was a young fellow by the name of Colvin. All the skies were brassy. The corn was all withered up; we hadn't had rain for three weeks or more. Oh, it was suffering, the crops was. And the sky was like brass.
And I took this young fellow, and I said to him, "Do you believe on the Lord Jesus, and have you accepted Him as your personal Saviour?"
He said, "I have, Brother Branham."
I said, "I seen you at the altar the other night. Now, are you sure of this, young man?"
He said, "I am sure."
So then, I took him by the hand, and turned his face to the bank, and announced his name, and asked God that He would bless his life. And I was just ready to baptize him, when I heard something say, "Look up!" Well, I got scared. I thought somebody on the bank was saying... I was just a boy preacher. I'd never been married yet; my to-be wife was taking pictures on the bank, which is my son Billy's mother.

E-23 † And I heard it again. And up to the third time, said, "Look up!" And when I looked up towards the heaven, a place about ten feet square, looked like water in the blue skies moving around. And out of that blue water like, came a Light coming down from heaven. The people begin to scream, and many fainted.
And the voice said, "As John the Baptist was sent forth to warn the people of the first coming of Christ, your ministry will warn them of the second coming around the world."

“Watchman What Of The Night” ……William Marrion Branham……. 1960-0722 ……… LAKEPORT, CA

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