Senior Pastor Rev. Bernie G. Garcia

Pastor´s Notes

Words of Life for June 2016

110 …You can have little consciences, and little feelings, and little sensations, all these things. That has nothing to do with it. That's just little sensations and things. But when it comes to reality, your mind opens it up. Your mind either accepts it or rejects it. That's it, friends. God, let none of them miss it.
111 † See, it's your mind that opens up the door; or closes the door, and listens to your conscience, listens to your memory, listens to your affections. But when your mind closes itself to these things, and let God, the Spirit of His Word, come in, It blows the rest of the stuff out. Every doubt is gone. Every fear is gone. Every sensation of doubt is gone. Every feeling is gone. There's nothing standing there but the Word of God, and Satan cannot battle against That. No, sir. He cannot battle against It. Now, we know that's true.
112 † These battles has raged since the day of the garden of Eden, the battle in the human mind. Satan started it. What did he do when he met Eve? He didn't deny God's Word, but he whitewashed It. He stopped up some little channels here somewhere. He said, "But surely God..." Genesis 3:1. See? "Surely, God, all these things that He--He--He promised..." He knowed the Word was right. But he knowed he couldn't just come right out and blast It out, blare like that, but he--he--he sugar-coated It.
113 † Like mama used to get us to take medicine, and she'd try to put orange juice in castor oil. My, just rather take the castor oil without the orange juice! Anything that's hypocritical! See? She... We used to have to get up at nighttime, and she'd give us coal oil, for croup. And she'd put coal oil, and put sugar on it; see, kind of hypocritical. But it'd just burn your tonsils out, nearly, going down, after the sugar left.
114 † Well, that's the way it is, friend. Satan tries to--to be hypocritical about it. He tries to show you something better, a easier way, a more sensible plan. But there is no more sensible plan than that God laid down at the beginning, His Word. Hold that Word. Get a grip on It. Let It get a grip on you. Stay there with It. That's the--that's the thing.
115 † The battle raged when Eve opened up her mind, to listen to her reasoning. That's the flue it come in. That's the--the channel it run down, her reasoning. She, in her soul, she reasoned.
116 Her eyes was sight. She saw the serpent. He was beautiful, handsome, far better than her own husband. He was the most subtle of all the beast of the field, and he was probably a fairer man than her husband. He looked like a great masculine beast standing there. How great he was! And he was trying to tell her what a great thing it was.
117 And first thing she did, she opened up her mind. And when she did, human reasonings caught it. "Why, wouldn't that be a thrill?"
118 † That's the thing he does to a woman today. Some woman with a lovely little husband, finds some great, big, masculine man. This man will try to opening up the reasons. Remember, that's Satan. That's the Devil. Or, vice versa, man to woman, woman to man, either way. What does he do? Work in that reasoning power, the conscience or something, begins to move through.
119 † But give God's Word the first place. A man can't even come to... He can't sin... Hallelujah! Here it is. This is coming, fresh. A man cannot sin until first he casts aside God's Word. He can't even sin, that's, disbelieve. Until first he gets rid of the Word of God, the Presence of God, he cannot sin.
120 Eve could not sin until she laid aside God's Word, opening up her channel of reasons through her soul, and begin to reason. "Why, certainly. My husband has never told me these things, but I believe that you... He told me I shouldn't do this, but, you know, you make it so real and so plain. I--I believe it would be wonderful, because you're making it so plain to me." See, there was the first battle. And, through that battle, has caused every other war. And every bloodshed that ever come, was caused right there at Eden. She disbelieved God's Word.

“The Greatest Battle Ever Fought” ……William Marrion Branham……. 1962-0311 ……… Jeffersonville, IN

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