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Words of Life for May 2016

Mother’s Day

31 † Mother is so great. You know, the first one that receives you is--this life is your mother. No one can touch you, because you're conceived, and she bears you under her heart. And she is the first to know you, and the first to, in this life, to--to hold you. Then when you're born, she is the--one of the first hands that touch you and wipes back the tears out of your eye. She's the first one to pat you and to love you, and to coo over you, in this life, is your mother. Now, I think that there is not enough honor that we could give to a mother.

Mother is first with the child, and she's a great responsibility of what that child will be, will be based upon the way that mother starts that child on the path that it must travel. Mother has the responsibility from God to place that child on the right road. And I think that's why mothers has a special little touch.

33 † I know of a boy in this city. I think his mother's present now. He's almost my age. But I don't say this to hurt the mother, because that she has enough hurts, as all mothers. But the boy drinks, and he drinks heavy. And when he gets real drunk, he will come home, and jump in the bed with his mother, and put his arms around her. And he's got grandchildren. But there's something about just the pat of a mother that seems to take a--a different place than anything else can touch, that is, in this life, humanly speaking.

34 † You know, a man like Moses, he... If I could credit anything to his character, it was because he had a God sent mother. You know it was she that had prayed, Jochebed, and had longed for this baby. And when he was born, she was the one who cooed him, and cuddled him, and built the ark, and placed him in the bulrushes, when her poor heart breaking. Her only little baby, and it was the--the most outstanding little chunk that was in all the world. And how a mother likes any baby, but to see this special little fellow...

And then, in her heart she knew that he was born for a purpose, and then to take him and place him into the very den of crocodiles out into the river... By faith she did that, knowing that God was able to take care of him. And to summarize the love of a mother, and the action of the character of her faith... For faith does not place itself upon the shifting sands of what it can see; faith rests solemnly upon the unmovable rock of God's eternal Word. "For by faith," says the Scripture, "she did this."

36 † And faith can take its stand on the rock, that the waves are beating the foundations out, and look straight into the face of death, and know that it'll be just in a little bit, but faith can look across the sea to Him that said, "I am the Resurrection and Life," and fail to even hear the waves a dashing.

That's the kind of faith that Moses' mother had. She taught him, and she reared him in the palace of Pharaoh, teaching him that he was born for a purpose, that Jehovah had answered her prayer. And, she... He could not have had a better teacher. That's what help mold the character that Moses was.

38 † I believe it was Abraham Lincoln who once made a statement like this...

Now, I'm neither Democrat or Republican; I just... I'm a Christian. For I think one side could not say anything against the other side; it's all corruption. But Abraham Lincoln, to my thoughts, was one of the--and was one of the greatest Presidents that this United States ever had, including Washington, and so forth.

For, Abraham Lincoln had a--a bad start. He was poor. He had no background, as far as education, or--or some great something, or money, or something that could've helped him, like Washington did. Washington was a college graduate, and he--he knowed; he was a smart man, a great man to begin with. But Lincoln was raised in a little log cabin, under the great grounds of Kentucky, and with no glory in the little old cabin, which sets as a memorial here at Louisville now. But being the great man that he was, and had to learn to write, upon the ground that he plowed, to plant the corn...

41 † But I might pass this on to the young people. Do you know Abraham Lincoln never owned a book in his life, until he was after twenty-one years old but the Bible and the Foxe "Book Of The Martyrs." See? what you read molds the character that you are. No wonder we got a bunch of neurotics today. Little old fiction magazines, and vulgar, and nonsense is placed upon our newsstands. He owned the Bible and the Foxe "Book Of The Martyrs." Look what it made him.

But in the face of all that, one day he made a statement like this. He said, "If there could be any good thing found in me, it's because of a godly mother," that reared him to serve the Lord.

43 † You see, a child listens to its mother; some little touch about that mother, that a child will listen to. When it's hurt, it'll go to the mother for consolation before it'll go to the father. Because she was first with it, you know. And there's some gift that God gives a mother to be that way; I mean a real mother. Now, I believe that mothers are honorable and godly.

44 † But I believe, such as Mother Days, like this, is a racket, make a lot of money out of flowers and things. But mother's day should be every day, not to send her a bunch of flowers on Mother's Day, but to love her and care for her three hundred and sixty-five days and nights through the year. But of course, the commercial world has a great hold in things like this, and it--it--it depreciates mother.

"Oh, well, last Mother's Day I sent her a bunch of flowers."

She'd appreciate a whole lot more, just set down and talk to her just a little bit, write her a line, pat her on the shoulder, kiss her on the cheek, tell her you love her. It'll go a lot farther than all the flowers that you could buy from the florist. That's true.

46 † I believe it was in the "Ten Commandments," the late Cecil DeMille, that wrote and put on the screen one of the masterpieces of the movie world. And before it was put on the scene, or let out, Cecil DeMille called Oral Roberts, and Demos Shakarian, and a bunch of the Full Gospel ministers, and took them into his own studios, and showed the four hours of the "Ten Commandments," and asked them their opinion of it. God rest his gallant soul.

And when I seen it, was looking at it, and a little remark always stuck to me. If many of you who did see it, it was when the daughter of Pharaoh... After Moses had found out that he was a--a Hebrew, and he had decided to go dwell with his people, and there sat his once beautiful mother, faded out, with her gray hair and her wrinkled face, setting in an old armchair, a typical mother... And the Pharaoh's daughter came in. And he said, "Whose son am I anyhow?"

And when it was brought to light that Jochebed was his real mother, the daughter of Pharaoh, with her paint and so forth, and all fixed up, she said, "But look. He may be your son," but she said, "I give him wealth and splendor. You could've give him nothing but the slime pits."

But the aged gray-headed mother said, "But I give him life." That makes the difference. "I gave him life." And God gave him Eternal Life. How true, mother...

“Mother's Day” ……William Marrion Branham……. 1959-0510M ……… Jeffersonville, IN

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