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Pastor´s Notes

Words of Life for April 2018

The other morning I was lying on my bed. I had just awoke from sleep, and I placed my hands behind my head, and relaxed with my head on the pillow. Then I began to wonder what it will be like on the other side. I realized that I have lived more than half my life, if I live to be as old as my people. And I wanted to do more for the Lord, before I left this life.
I heard a Voice, saying, "You're just starting. Press the battle. Keep pressing." As I lay these pondering... lay there pondering these words, I thought, that I just imagined that I heard a voice. Again the Voice said, "Press the battle. Keep going. Keep going."--Ed.]

40 † [Brother Neville continues to read: Still unbelieving, I thought that possibly I had spoken the words myself. I placed my lips between my teeth, and held my hand over my mouth, and listened. The Voice spoke again. "Just keep pressing. If you only knew what is at the end of the road."
I seemed to hear the music and words of an old familiar song.
I'm homesick and blue, and I want to see Jesus
I would like to hear those harbor bells chime,
It would brighten my path and banish all fears;
Lord, let me look past the curtain of time.
Then the Voice ask, "Would you like to see just beyond the curtain?"
I answered, "It would help me so much."--Ed.]

42 † [Brother Neville continues to read: What happened, I cannot say. Whether I was in the body, or whether I--it was a translation, I do not know. But it was unlike any vision I have ever had. I could see the place to which I was taken. And I could see myself lying back there upon my bed.
I said, "This is a strange thing."
There were great numbers of people, and they came running to me, crying, "Oh, our precious brother." First came young women, apparently in their early twenties. And as they would embrace me, they said, "Our precious brother."--Ed.]

44 † [Brother Neville continues to read: Young men in the brilliance of young manhood, with eyes glistening like stars on a darkened night, with teeth as white as pearls, embraced me, saying, "Our precious brother."
Then I noticed that I too, had the--had become young again. I looked at myself there, and turned and looked back at my old body lying on the bed with my hands behind my head. I said, "I don't understand this."
As I began to try to comprehend the place where I was, I began to realize that there was no yesterday and no tomorrow there. No one seemed to get tired. As a multitude of the most beautiful young women I have ever seen threw their arms around me, I discovered, there was only a great love that overwhelmed me, and no physical attraction as in the human behavior. I noticed these young women all wore their hair down to their waistlines. And their skirts went down to their feet.--Ed.]

46 † [Brother Neville continues to read: After this, Hope, my first wife, hugged me and said, "My precious brother." Then another young woman hugged me, and Hope turned and hugged the young woman.
I said, "I don't understand this. This is something entirely different from our human love. I don't want to go back to that old body on the bed."
Then a Voice spoke to me, "This is what you preached that the Holy Ghost is. This is perfect love. Nothing cannot enter here without it."--Ed.]

48 † [Brother Neville continues to read: Next I was taken up and seated on a high place. All around me were great numbers of men and women to--in the bloom of youth. They were crying with joy, "Oh, our precious brother, we are so happy to see you here."
I thought, "I'm not dreaming, for I can see these people, and I can see my body lying back there on the bed."
The Voice spoke to me, "You know, it is written in the Bible, that the prophets were gathered with their people?"
I said, "Yes, I remember that in the Scriptures. But there are not this many Branham's."--Ed.]

49 † [Brother Neville continues to read: The Voice replied, "These are not Branham's; these are your--these are your converts, the ones you have led to the Lord. Some of these women you think are so young and beautiful were more than ninety years old when you led them to the Lord. No wonder they are crying out, 'My precious brother.'"
Then the multitude cried together, "If you hadn't gone forth with the Gospel, we wouldn't be here." I ask, "Oh, where is Jesus? I want to see Him."
The people replied, "He is just a little higher. Someday He will come to you. You were sent as a leader, and when God comes, He will judge you according to your teaching."
I ask, "Does Paul and Peter have to stand this judgment also?"
The answer was, "Yes."--Ed.]

50 † [Brother Neville continues to read: I said, "I have preached what they preached. I did not divert from it to one side or the other. Where they baptized in the Name of Jesus, I did too. Where they taught the baptism in the Holy Spirit, I did too. Whatever they taught, I taught also."
"We know that," the people cried, "and we know that we are going back to earth with you sometime.
Jesus will come and judge you according to the words you preach to us. Then you will present us to Him, and altogether we will go back to earth, to live forever."
I asked, "Do I have to go back to earth now?"
They answered, "Yes, but keep pressing on."--Ed.]

52 † [Brother Neville continues to read: As I begin to move from that beautiful, joyful place, as far as my eyes could see, people were coming towards me to embrace me crying, "My precious brother."
Suddenly I was back on the bed again. I said, "O God, help me. Never let me compromise with the Word.
Let me stay straight on the Word. I don't care what anyone else does, Lord. Let me press on to that beautiful, joyful place."
I am more convinced than ever in my life, that it will take perfect love to enter that place. There was no jealousy, no tiredness, no sickness, no old age, no death, only supreme beauty and joy. (Hallelujah!) Whatever you do, lay aside everything else until you get perfect love. Get to where you can love everybody, even every enemy. No matter if the plane is rocking, the lightning is flashing, or the guns of the enemy are upon you, these things do not matter; get perfect love.
If you're not saved, accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour, now. If you have not been baptized in water, be baptized now. If you have not received the baptism in the Holy Spirit, receive It now. Press on in that perfect love, which will take you to that beautiful and joyful place beyond the curtain of time.

“Beyond The Curtain Of Time” ……William Marrion Branham……. 1961-0305 ……… Jeffersonville, IN

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