Senior Pastor Rev. Bernie G. Garcia

Pastor´s Notes

Words of Life for April 2017

267 † Now, now notice, on Elijah . After... Look, Elijah, that great prophet, man in his day. Excuse me. Brother, sister, in that day he had busted them painted-faced women, them Jezebels and Ahabs. And stood till... And nobody, looked like, stood with him. And he rebuked, and devoured, and stood out there, and God had taken care of him and helped him in every place. You know, the old fellow got tired one day. He said, "I'm getting old, so I just can't go no further." He was going on, I guess, ninety years old; real old, and walking around there, and he was so full of quickening Power. You know what?
He looked across Jordan.
O God! I can almost see the other side. Can't you?
268 So full of the quickening Power , until, he seen a chariot hooked over there, some horses of Fire and chariot of Fire, hooked to some tree over there. He just walked across the river and went Home, without even dying . The quickening Power sent, caused a chariot to come down from Heaven and take him up. Even picked off his coat and throwed it back for Elijah . That's right.
269 † Now, then that fellow picked up that robe , a type of the Church again , see, picked up that robe. Now, he done twice the miracles, which is a type of Christ and the Church . See? Elijah done four; he done eight. See, now, he was--he was double the power, 'cause he asked for it. "Greater things than this that I do shall you do." See? But he was so full of the quickening Power, and everything, till he done all these, double, what Elisha done, more than he did. And notice, he lived a life on up till about eighty or ninety years old, he got old and he--he died. He died, and they--they took him out and buried him.
270 You know, well, that quickening Power didn't leave him . Many, many years after that, when the flesh had all rotted off his bones, he was laying in a tomb. And they were packing a dead man one day, and they saw the enemy, and they just throwed this man in on top of Elisha's bones. There was so much quickening Power on those bones till the man jumped up to life again. Oh!
271 † "It'll quicken your mortal body." Though dead and rotten in the grave, and yet that quickening Power rested over that dirt. Hallelujah! Uh! "He that raised up Christ from the dead also quicken your mortal body." The Elijah back there, Elisha and Elijah...
272 Remember, that dead man, that prophet, full of that quickening Power, laying in the grave and rotted away; there was so much quickening Power, till, they throwed a dead man on him, he come to life. He could still lay hands on the sick. Couldn't he? Amen. There you are.
273 † And remember , we are flesh of His flesh, Jesus Christ. "We are flesh of His flesh, and bones of His bones. " Oh, there's no way out of it. We're going to rise, and that's all . You're going to rise, that's all.
274 Easter means more than just a tradition . It is also now , for our bodies are quickened with Him and we're sitting in Heavenly places.
275 And this body may rot in the sea; it may rot in the ground; there may not be a spoonful of ashes; but she is coming forth. For, the Spirit that raised up my Lord from the dead has quickened this mortal body. It's quickened your mortal body. And we are His beneficiaries of His resurrection , His policy of Eternal Life that I talk so much about, you know. No wonder He said, "Fear not." He would know.
276 For as Paul said, "Death, where is your sting? Grave, where is your victory? I'm full of quickening Power. Thanks be to God, Who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ." Yes, sir! Quickening Power. Oh, my!

“It Is The Rising Of The Sun” ……William Marrion Branham……. 1965-0418M ……… Jeffersonville, IN

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