Senior Pastor Rev. Bernie G. Garcia

Pastor´s Notes

Words of Life for April 2016

12 † And God required a token, and this token was an innocent lamb that He had substituted for death, in the garden of Eden. And now when the lamb was killed, the blood was to be placed upon the doorpost and on the lintel, and it was to show that the requirement had been carried out.
13 Oh, I think that's a great lesson for us as we look at it. See the believing, worship, as he was identified by the token of the blood. He had to, the believer had to get the lamb, slay the lamb, a lamb for a house, take the blood with hyssop, which is just a little brush that grows up there in the country. And they, common weeds, we would call it , and had to apply the blood. It shows, by the applying of the blood, with this hyssop, hyssop represents faith. Many time, people think they have to have some supernatural faith, to be a believer. It isn't. The hyssop speaks for that, just common weeds that you could get it anywhere, pick it up, dip it in the blood, and apply the blood.
14 † The Blood, tonight, is applied by simple faith . Just not nothing supernatural ; it's right around you, everywhere. Just simply, like a child, reach out and get a hold of it, and apply the Blood. The hyssop is just a simple child-like faith, for the believer . It isn't something out of your reach. You don't have to reach very far to get it.
15 This hyssop that grows in that country, it grows out of the cracks of the walls, a little kind of a diamond-shaped leaf. You can pick it up, anywhere. Just as--as grass or weeds would be in--the--in the country here now; just pick it up, apply it, put it on the door.
16 That's the way faith is to be applied; take faith, rather, and apply the Blood of Jesus Christ, by faith, to the heart's door .
17 This was going to separate and make the difference between those who were going out of Egypt, and those who were going to stay in Egypt, and perish with Egypt. It made the difference .
18 † Strange, how God always works through signs, signals, tokens, and so forth. He always has done it. That's His way of doing anything. He never does it outside of that. God never makes a move until He does it in that way.
19 The way God starts, that's the way God finishes. He is infinite, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient. He needs nobody's help. He doesn't need our interpretation, as I said last night. He doesn't need us to interpret the Word and say what It means. He speaks what It says It'll do, that's the interpretation. Nobody has to interpret It. When God says, "Let it be," and it is, that's His interpretation of It.
20 We might say, "The days of miracles has passed. There is no such a thing as the baptism of the Holy Spirit." The man who believes It, God speaks to him, and that's the interpretation. They got it! That's, they know they have It, because God gives His Own interpretation to His Word.
21 † That's what He was requiring that night, to separate the believers from the unbelievers. The believer, worshiper, was identified with his sacrifice. He must apply the blood. It wasn't "take and kill the lamb, set the blood out there somewhere, or keep it in a charger, or take it down to the neighbors." He had to apply the blood!
22 That's the way it is, tonight. We could come and sympathize with everything God does, that isn't what He requires. You've got to apply it. It's not sufficient until you apply it. The Blood must be applied, that shows that you are identified . The worshiper laid his hand upon the lamb and then killed it, identify himself with the sacrifice.
23 † The same thing we do, tonight, is lay our hand upon our Sacrifice, and identify ourself with Him. And He is the Word. We have to be identified only through Christ, is when we're identified by the Word, because He is the Word, always has been. "In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. The same yesterday, today, and forever!"

“The Token” ……William Marrion Branham……. 1964-0208 ……… Bakersfield, CA

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