Senior Pastor Rev. Bernie G. Garcia

Pastor´s Notes

Words of Life for March 2018

19 † And if you'll notice how that Eve was united with Adam, she become part of him. God, did you notice in Genesis 1:27, He created man male and female, created He them. Now, the man was a... both male and female when it come to being in the spirit of feminish and masculine. Then God took from his side a--a rib. Did you notice the body part was a by-product, but not the spirit? The body part of the woman was a by-product, after the creation had been finished, God took from the side of Adam a rib and made a woman. But not the spirit, the spirit was part of Adam, for he was both man and woman, fem-... spiritually speaking, both masculine and feminish.

20 † Now, don't you see the great picture? We, in flesh, are different. We're like a by-product, a created being, by holy wedlock. But in Spirit we are sons and daughters, not some other spirit, but the Spirit of the living God. We are in His likeness, in His unity, in the perfect image of the living God, because we become sons and daughters. Not separated, but the same Spirit, the same God, the same Person, joined in wedlock to the Eternal. See how God planned it that we should be not a different, but Him! Not some other being of some other tribe, but a real union and offspring of the Almighty, done by a holy union. Now, the body comes from mother and father, but the Spirit come from God, God separating Himself as Adam was separated.

21 † On the Day of Pentecost, we find the Holy Spirit, the Pillar of Fire, separating Itself and setting upon each member of that Church, God putting Hisself together! Then with that group of people together, what does it do? Brings back the unified Body of the Lord Jesus. Coming together!

22 And today in this great separation that we are living in, denominational differences and things, what a pity, what a disgrace!

23 † Joined in Heavenly wedlock to the Eternal God, part of Him, part of God. In flesh I become Branham because of my father, Branham. You become part of your father and mother, but in spirit we become in union with God, is part of God. That's the reason that the spirit cannot die. "He that believeth on Me has everlasting Life. And in the image that he is here on earth, and in his likeness, I'll raise him up in the last days." Not a spirit being, for we'll have a body like God's glorious Body, the glorified Body of the Lord Jesus, raised up in That Image.

24 † Jesus said, going to the grave of Lazarus, "I am the resurrection and Life. He that believeth in Me, though he be dead, yet shall he live. And whosoever liveth and believeth in Me shall never die. Believeth in Me, not on Me, but in Me." Being in Him, believing! "If ye abide in Me and My Words in you." In Him, believing! Oh, my! I hope the Holy Spirit gets that right down to you. Now, you're the little flock, that's why through the week, praying and asking God, I chose this text, to show you where we stand. Believing in Him. You cannot believe in Him until you come in Him, or, He comes in you, then you're believing in Him, then you have Eternal Life. You're believing on Him until you receive Eternal Life, then Eternal Life is God's Life in you, then you're believing in Him.

25 "Ye in Me, I in you. That they might be one, Father, even as You and I are one." God in Christ, Christ in the Church. See? "Just as we are one, so they be one." Then how can you be one? "If ye abide in Me, My Words in you." See, abide! "My Words in you, then ask what you will." For it isn't you no more, it's the Word that's in you, and the Word is God.

“Oneness” ……William Marrion Branham……. 1962-0211 ……… Jeffersonville, IN

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