Senior Pastor Rev. Bernie G. Garcia

Pastor´s Notes

Words of Life for March 2017

E-20 † Mary slips back into the house, and picks up a scroll, and brings it out as their usually Sunday afternoons Bible study. And it happened to be this day, we'd say, that she brought out the scroll of Isaiah. And as Joseph took the scroll and opened it up, he begin to read the scroll to Mary and to comment. Finally, he comes to the place of Isaiah 9:6, where it says something like this, "Unto us a Child is given, unto us a Son: and the government shall be upon His shoulders: and His Name shall be called Counsellor, Prince of Peace, mighty God, everlasting Father."
And while he was reading he heard a sigh, and he looked sideways; and the little lady, sweetheart of his, her little face had flashed up, and her eyes were glittering like the stars on a dark night, and said, "Read that again, dear." And he read it again, and she must've said, "Oh, who will that be? What is the prophet speaking of?"
And he said something like this, or would've said, "The prophet was speaking of the Messiah which will come. And one of our women someday will bear the Messiah." That Scripture seemed to grip the little virgin; she just couldn't get away from it.
E-21 † That's what she was studying about, perhaps, on this morning where we find her going to the well to get water. Maybe I would say it was Monday. It was wash day, and she had to go get the wash water early; her mother was old.
And as she was thinking on that Scripture, "Unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given: and His Name shall be called the Counsellor, the Prince of Peace, the mighty God, the everlasting Father," she become so interested in what she was saying, or thinking, until she almost forgot to turn the corner.
And as she raised her head, there was something strange, seems like a light flashed. And she turns down towards the city square where the virgin well stands yet today. And she must've thought, "Oh, the sun flickered on some dew that's left upon the side of the hill, or it might've hit a piece of polished metal somewhere, or a armor from a Roman soldier; that's perhaps what I saw flicker before my eyes." So she goes on dreaming.
E-22 † Oh, it's too bad that the church today doesn't walk in the Spirit like that more than we do. For it's that kind of a time that when God comes to you. You know, it was on the road to Emmaus when Cleopas and his friend was speaking, and talking, and thinking about Jesus, that He walked out of the bushes by the side of them and walked with them. It's while we are thinking upon Him... The trouble with the world today, we're thinking about everything else but Him. Then we wonder why we don't get blessings.
It was just a few weeks ago, about three weeks ago, when I set down by some sycamore trees, as I was telling you, and begin to think. It was there for the first time that He came and declared the new ministry to me. Think on Him. "Draw nigh unto Me, and I'll draw nigh unto you," saith the Lord. Think upon Him.
David spoke that he was--write His commandments upon the bed post and meditate on them day and night. That's what the church ought to do, would keep your heart tuned in with God day and night, for it's then's when He appears.
Solomon said, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." Begin to think that you're one of His children, that He saved you, and He's good to you, and you love Him, and He loves you. Don't just wait till you go to church, or some convenient hour; just keep Him on your mind all the time.

“Jehovah Of Miracles” ……William Marrion Branham……. 1959-1126 ……… San Jose, CA

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