Senior Pastor Rev. Bernie G. Garcia

Pastor´s Notes

Words of Life for March 2016

37 † Now, the sun, at the rising of the sun. Well, there was a time when the world was laying in utter darkness. It was without form, and was void. And it was all covered with water, and was laying there in the dark, dismal, gloomy atmosphere. And the Spirit of God moved upon that water, and said, "Let there be light." God had a reason to do that, for down beneath that water there was seeds that He had planted, and it had to have that sunlight to make it live.

38 † And the first Light was ever given in the earth was God's spoken Word. The first Light that ever struck the earth was God's spoken Word. He said, "Let there be light," and there was light. That turned darkness into light, in order to bring forth a creation of joy and life upon the earth. Then, the Spirit of God, as It moved with love and compassion, at that great day, the first day of the dawn of creation upon the earth; the sun rose and swept across, its rays, and dried up the waters from the earth, and made an atmosphere above. And, for its first time, it was to bring joy and life to the earth, by a seed. That was a great hour.

39 But, oh, it wasn't nothing, that sunrise, like the sunrise on that Easter morning. This time, with the sun leaping into the skies, it brought forth a greater sunrise than ever; because it came greater news with this sunrise, than it did with the sunrise at the beginning. This sunrise brought a news, that, "He is risen! He is quickened from the dead, as He's promised. He's risen from the dead."

40 † The first time the sun rose, in Genesis, it was bringing a message that there will be life upon the earth, mortal life.

41 But this time, when the sun rose, there was a--a dual sunrising; another, Son, rising. It was the... not only s-u-n rising, it was the S-o-n had risen to bring Eternal Life to all God's promised Seed that by foreknowledge He had seen laying upon the earth.

42 No more could the--the botany life lived back there at the beginning without the s-u-n to bring it to life; no more than, today, when sons of God is upon the earth, it takes the S-o-n Light to bring them to Eternal Life, His chosen ones that He knew before the foundation of the world. He had chosen them in Himself before the foundation of the world.

43 And on Easter morning, then, in this dirt somewhere laid our bodies at that time, for we are the dust of the earth. And in Heaven, there was a Book of memory, and His attributes was in Him, knowing that because this Son of God raised, It would also raise to Life every son that was foreordained to this great time. He knew it would be. And what a more glorious sunrise that was than it was at the beginning, at time when it first dawned. Now, on this great breaking of the Easter Seal!

44 † Now, today we have a tuberculosis, Easter seal. People sends a message, one to the other, and to support this great fund or drive, for the doctors and medical science to work upon something, to retard or to help the tuberculosis. They are seal, what we call an Easter seal, when we send message one to another. But when we receive the message, that seal is broken, because the seal is what's got a message bound on the inside.

45 And now, the true Easter Seal, on this sunrise, was broken; and the secret, of Life after death, was revealed. Before that time, we didn't know. The world grouped in darkness, groped around, man's suspicion. Theories was among man's heart, tradition made up. Man worshiped idols. They worshiped the sun. They worshiped all kinds of gods. And all kinds of people that made claims, they all went into the grave, and they stayed in the grave.

46 But the real Seal had been broken, and One Who once lived as we live, died as we will die, was risen from the dead. What a morning! Never one like it, in all the history of the world. The secret was made known that He was both resurrection and the Life.

“It Is The Rising Of The Sun” ……William Marrion Branham……. 1965-0418M ……… Jeffersonville, IN

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