Senior Pastor Rev. Bernie G. Garcia

Pastor´s Notes

Words of Life for October 2017

E-28 † May the Lord add His blessings to these Words. Now, we're all familiar with the Scripture that I've just read, all reads the Bible. It was a time of the judges, when there was a--well, kind of a time between... From the kings, God had judges. And there had been several judges. And every time that God the--would get the people straightened out, they'd all try to go to--to doing right after He'd send judgment or something. And then the first thing you know, they'd fall away again. It's just natural for people to do that. It's just human for them to do it: fall away. And--and as soon as they fall away, then God's judgment comes right in again. See? You cannot do wrong and get by, 'cause God is just.

E-29 † Now, He just... He... In order to be just, He must--He must keep His laws. And law without penalty is not law. See? If there's a semaphore out here in the street, and that says "stop," that's a law for you to stop. And then if you pass on through it and the law has no penalty, then it isn't a law any more. See? It should not even be hanging there.
And if God begins to wave something before you and tell you that you're doing wrong, and you break that law of God warning you, then penalty is to be paid. You just must do it. You have to do it; you have to pay the penalty. "And the wages of sin is death." So if a man transgresses God's law and continues to do it, then don't blame God if something happens to you. See? If you're lost, you cannot say, "Well, it was God's fault."
I've often said this, that a man has to literally fight his way to hell. He cannot go to hell easy. No, he has a hard time getting to hell. But he certainly fights his way right on into it.

E-30 † You remember, boys, the first little corn-silk cigarette you smoked? You know what? Mama said... You know, you was afraid that Mama was going to smell it on your breath, so you got some coffee and eat it, or something, you know, to--to keep her from being able to smell. Mama said, "Let me smell your breath," See?
"Mama, there's nothing wrong with me."
What's the first thing? When you lied that first lie, a red light begin to flash. "Tell her the truth. Be honest, little boy. Mama taught you to do that." But, see, you fight your way right on through that barricade and red light. See?

E-31 † You remember the first time you trifled on your girlfriend? You remember the first time you--you sassed your wife, the wife sassed the husband, something like that? Remember the first time you heard that hymn sang at church and something beat at your heart, and you just shook yourself and turned away, "I'll do it some other time."
Them's all red lights (See?), and you just walk right on over them--warnings, "Don't go the way you're going little boy, little girl. Turn back to Me. I'm your Creator." But you walk right on through it. You can't expect nothing else. Don't lay it onto God. If you run through that stoplight out there don't say, "The city's in blame." No, sir. You're the fault. That stoplight's there to protect you, and to help you, and you must obey it. And then it isn't the city's fault; it's your fault, 'cause you should have stopped when the warning come on.

E-32 † And when you feel that little buzzer down in your heart warning you, then you better stop right there and take inventory. Like I was--been preaching along through the nights of the people drifting away from God. When you hear the Word, come right back. It's truly the Word of God. There's a little buzzer rings; you better listen to it. Don't walk across that, 'cause you'll never get any farther till you come right back here where you left Him.
You'll... Where you leave Christ at by failing to obey His Word, right there He will leave you. Or you don't leave... He don't leave you; you leave Him. See, you always leave--leave Him, because He's got you in the path, He's trying to lead you. But see, when you leave Him, then you have to come right back where you left Him at, to start again.

“Have Not I Sent Thee” ……William Marrion Branham……. 1962-0124 ……… Phoenix, AZ

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