Senior Pastor Rev. Bernie G. Garcia

Pastor´s Notes

Words of Life for October 2016

I said, "Yes." Said, "What was it?"

119 I said, "God appears in whirlwinds." I didn't know whether He wanted me to tell the people or not.

120 Then I went on and prayed a little bit. Then He told me I could tell them. I said, "It's judgment striking the West Coast." Look at her today! Look what happened a few hours after that: Alaska sunk. And now the whole thing is going under. We're entering into the judgment. Mercy has been spurned.

121 † But thanks be to God, we got hidden Food, spiritual Food, that we're living on the goodness and mercy of the revelation of Jesus Christ in these last days, vindicating Himself among His people. Amen! They went in . Elijah went in before the drought set in. Thank God for being in before the judgment sets in. Now is a time of coming out and going in , getting out of those organizations and getting into Christ , a coming-out and going-in time for all true believers .

122 Then he was called, and stayed in there . Remember, he never left that brook until God called him.

123 And after the drought was about over, He called him out of there , down to a widow's house . Notice, He called to this widow. And this widow had not associated herself with the unbelievers ; took the mark of the beast during the drought. So He called her out to... called Elijah to sustain this widow . They just had one little cake , one little thing she was holding onto. And Elijah said, " Give that to me, first . For, THUS SAITH THE LORD, that barrel will not go empty neither will the cruse run dry, until the day that the Lord God sends rain upon the earth." Putting God first, His Word first !

124 † Notice, there was meal in the barrel. Every time she went after meal, there was meal in the barrel. There was oil in the cruse, every time she went for it. Why? Meal represented Christ in the meal-offering. The burrs had to be set just right, to grind every one of them. Every burr of this meal exactly the same, showing that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. That was the Word, the Bread of Life following the message, to vindicate the Word.

125 So is it today, friends. So is it today, that the Bread of Life that the children eat on, follows the Message of God, to sustain them during the time of the drought . What if He stood in our presence today? What if He stood in our presence right now? He would act and do just exactly like He done the days when He was in flesh here on the earth. The Bride is part of the Husband , the Church is the same as Christ. "The works that I do shall you do also." And it is the Word that done it . He told us that the things that He did that we would do also.

126 † We notice here again, if the Word is in us and has come to us, as It did Elijah in that day, It'll do the same thing that he did, he would feed on the secret Things of God which is hid from the world . Oh! Again, it makes the Message and the messenger as one . The spiritual Food is ready, and It's in the season now. And each one of you can have this Food if you wish It, if you are willing to steal away from all of the unbelief of this hour, if you are ready to come into Christ, come into His promise. And remember His promises, in Malachi 4, Luke 17:30, also in Saint John 14:12, and how many more Scriptures, of telling, Joel 2:38, and all that He would do, or 2:28, rather, what He would do in these last days. And how the prophet said that it'd be Light in these last days, how It would work, what It would do, all the Scriptures pointing to this last days. And that is Christ! If you can hide away in That now, in that secret Place , you can eat and see the goodness and mercy of God. If you're sick, there is healing there .

“Spiritual Food In Due Season” ……William Marrion Branham……. 65-0718E ……… Jeffersonville, IN

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