Senior Pastor Rev. Bernie G. Garcia

Pastor´s Notes

Words of Life for January 2019

E-6 † You--you have to come with the right kind of an approach to God. If you come selfish, if you come in any other approach but the right mental attitude towards God, or any Divine gift, you'll never receive any benefits from it. You've got to come with your surrendered all to God.
Look at the Syrophenician woman when s--she was told by Jesus. "It's not right for Me to take the children's bread and feed you dogs." What would you have said if He'd have called you a dog? You'd have said, "I'll join the next church." But not her. She knew Who she was talking to. She said, "Lord, that's right. You're so right in that. But the dogs is willing to eat the scraps under the Master's table." That got Him. That was it. That's what He's waiting for you to do. Humble yourself into such a place, no matter how God sends it to you... If you're healed instantly, if you're healed by degrees, if you're--if you're put off for... Like Abraham was twenty-five years waiting for the promise. But instead of getting weak, he got stronger of all the time, giving praise to God. Just so that you know that God promised it, and you accept it for yourself; it's got to come to pass.

E-7 † Just remember now, as I go on record in these tapes... I say this with all my heart: That if any persons will take the right mental attitude towards any Divine promise that God has made, it'll bring it to pass. If you could take the right an--attitude towards what He said, it'll bring it to pass. I've seen sarcomas cancer leave people by that same thing. Now, maybe you won't be able to receive enough for--just to deliver you all of a sudden.
But I might say tonight, just closing, I want to talk to you a moment and say this: If you can't receive enough faith to--to be healed instantly, then you take the adopted baby route. Did you ever hear of adopting a baby?

E-8 † Now, if you take a young woman; she'll maybe be married and--and she and her husband. And she's scared she isn't going to have a baby. She wants one. And she's so scared she won't have it, she won't. Because just like Job said, "The things that I've feared the most come upon me." See? But you take that same woman... Now, if there's doctors, which probably is setting by, nurses. You take that same woman and let her adopt a baby, then she'll have one herself. See? It quietens her.
Now, if you haven't got enough faith, to receive it right now as a miracle, then take the adopted baby attitude
. "Lord, it's mine because You promised it. I'll go from here tonight praising You just the same as I was well." Watch what happens; you'll receive it. It has to happen; God promised it.
So, He's the infinite God. And if you can feel just a least little speck of faith that tells you that you'll be all right, you believe it. And just go on thanking Him for it.

E-9 † And then, you remember, they hadn't received the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost. But they were ten days up there thanking the Lord and praising Him for the promise of the Holy Ghost. And then all of a sudden, It came like a rushing wind. So, you believe that with all your heart. Just remember that.
The little boy in the wheelchair, the little colored lad... It's a fine looking young fellow setting here, looking at me on a pillow, the little white boy setting there. This young man laying here on a stretcher, to you out there that's dying of heart trouble, may not live through the night if God don't help you, tubercular, cancer eaten, whatever you may be, if the doctor has given you up, don't lose courage. God is still on the throne. You can believe that, and accept that... I've never seen it fail. I'm fifty years old, been in the ministry thirty years, prayed for millions of people. I've never seen it fail. When a true heart comes to God, and believes with all that's in you, having faith that He will do it, He will do it.

“As The Eagle Stirreth Up Her Nest ” ……William Marrion Branham…….1959-0815 ……… Chautauqua, OH

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