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Thank you for visiting our website and welcome to Phoenix Tabernacle, a non-denomination fellowship of Christian believers established in 1969. Our church is located in the South Mountain Village at 1241 E. Baseline Road in Phoenix, Arizona. We offer services in Spanish and English with translation via headphones or from the pulpit.

The diversity of cultures and age groups represented in our services create a festive, warm and at times intimate worship experience where lives are changed and miracles are wrought. We believe in the power of the Lord Jesus Christ to transform lives and in the inspired Word of God found in the Bible, which is our absolute. Our mission is not only to reach out to the unsaved but to nurture and edify each Christian soul to reach spiritual maturity. We accept people from all denominations, from all walks of life and consider it an honor to have you visit us as you are.

Our senior pastor, Rev. Bernie G. Garcia, has been serving in the ministry for over 50 years. He is a man who heeded God´s call to lead a flock and who never turned back in spite of much adversity. As the founder of our church, his exemplary life of service and sacrifice has been a beacon of hope and a testimony to many that God still uses man to proclaim His gospel. His vision to reach out to the lost is evident in his tireless efforts to air a radio broadcast, Voz De Restauración (Voice of Restoration), which has reached out to hundreds of thousands of souls in Spanish, and also to establish and maintain over 200 missions in the United States and Latin America.

We trust you will enjoy our worship and service unto the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you

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